Friday, August 22, 2008

Amber and Jesse

We had the distinct pleasure of creating beautiful images of Amber and Jesse and their families as they were married at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester last Friday.

The day was absolutely gorgeous and the hotel made for some really pretty portraits!

Tammi and I are so pleased that Karen (Jesse's mom) selected us to capture all of the excitement and romance of the day. That's quiet a compliment considering that she is a photographer herself.

Check out Karen's website.

I hope we have the opportunity to share more milestones with Amber and Jesse as they begin their new life together as husband and wife.


Karen said...

Wow, David, when Jesse called (from Hawaii!) and told me to check out your blog, I was as EXCITED as he was! The pictures are SO AMAZING -- I can't say enough about your amazing photography... You are truly a "master of light" from the first grad pictures you took of Jesse! I am more excited than ever to see the rest of them! Thanks again! Karen

David M Deutsch Photography said...

Thanks so much Karen. I can't wait for you ...and of course Amber and Jesse to see the rest. I was really ecited with what we got that day:)