Friday, August 28, 2009

Personal Assignment

As many of you know, my mother in law (Tammi's mom) is in the final days of her battle with cancer.

A few days ago I felt compelled to document the effects of his horrific disease and the toll it takes, not only on its victim, but also that of their loved ones.

I drove Tammi to her sister's house where my mother in law is living her final days on earth. I felt a little funny photographing her but as she was surrounded buy her loved ones, the uneasiness soon faded. As mom (Diane) was being comforted and touched and kissed by her daughters, I knew somehow in some strange way, that what I was doing would help my family eventually get through the grieving process.

I captured some more images this morning. Oddly enough for me, I hadn't looked at any of them until today. I usually scroll through the images on the back of my camera right after I'm done photographing. I didn't this time. Why? I don't know.

What is to become of these images? I don't know that either. Part of me wants to post them and make them public. Part of me wants them to remain private. -The Jury is still out.

I can say this. I think there are some powerful images in there and maybe... just maybe, I have come close to making a difference in this world using the gift I have been given.

~Perhaps I have created a living legacy.

Please leave Tammi (Gabrielle) your thoughts on her Facebook page. I'm sure she will love to hear from you.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Michael Coyle - Cranbrook

I love watching families that we have been photographing forever, grow up.
Michael is another one those people we've been photographing since he was a baby.

We decided to create his senior portraits at Governor's Mansion in Farmington Hills. The same place we created His sister Julia's portraits last year.

What a great day for photography! Mid 70's low humidity; is this Michigan??

Anyway I love the way we're were able to use the architecture and manipulate the lighting for some really cool images for Michael!
...Should this guy be modeling, or what?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Lindsey and Assaf

We had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Lindsey and Assaf last Sunday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day... not to be matched by the gorgeous couple!

I've known and have been photographing Lindsey her entire life so it was very special for me to share in her marriage to Assaf. Together they are just so darn cute.
We worked with Alex Bitoff and his crew from Fifth and Main Productions who produced an awesome on the fly video recap. Also present was Dee Dee Hoffman, Gerychs Flowers, Paul Kohn Catering and of course the Simone Vitale Band.

Click here to see the video recap from the wedding.
Click here to see a short clip of us in action.