Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Image Selected for Book Cover

How awesome is this?

One of our bridal images was selected to grace the cover of the new PPA Showcase Collection book.

This 200 page book features a cross section of images selected to be displayed in the PPA International General Collection Exhibit.

Our image of Ann Marie Moran was selected from almost 2000 entries for its artistic and commercial appeal.

The image was created in the living room of Ann Marie's Royal Oak home. I really enjoyed the vibrant colors of the room and love the echo of the pose in the painting behind her.


Karen Noel said...

Congratulations David! What a beautiful image... certainly deserving of the front cover!

David M Deutsch Photography said...

Thank you Karen. And thanks for leaving a comment. Tell your neighbors, tell your friends... Heck, tell your neighbors friends too!

Natasha said...

Absolutely stunning. An obvious choice.