Monday, July 17, 2006

Nancy and Brad got married

What a great wedding we had this weekend! Nancy and Brad and their families and friends made our jobs so much fun and so EASY. It was one of the hottest days that we have experienced this year, but hey, the humidity was low so the 97 degree day only felt like ...94 :)

"Wet heat" or "dry heat", it's still hot!

Seriously, the breeze we felt in back of Kirk in the Hills Church felt really nice and we created some great images that I can't wait for Nancy and Brad to see when they get back from their honeymoon.

By the way, I met Brad's uncle who asked me if I ever use Photoshop in our studio. ...That's kind of like asking me if I ever breath air in my studio. I use it daily! Well, come to find out that he is the father of Chris Cox, one of the names that come up on the Photoshop CS2 welcome screen. Of course I knew Brad's last name but I didn't even make the connection... but now I know someone on the "inside".

Ok just kidding... no late night "Photoshop help" phone calls.

Here are just a few of the many beautiful photographs that we have.

I am working on a new product that we're going to offer. It's a web based slide show of select images from the wedding that I hope to have completed by tomorrow.

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