Friday, July 14, 2006

Tony, Ton-E, Tone-EEE has done it again!!

Being in this industry, you meet a BUNCH of really great people. One of my good friends who is also in the business is Tony Gorkiewitz of Amera and Tone-E video.

This guy Rocks! Besides doing some really cool bar mitzvah and wedding videos, they also work for TV networks like E-Hollywood. They were even selected to film parts of the Superbowl, when it was here in Detroit.

Anyway, check out his Blog at

I will keep a link on our blog so you can check it whenever you like.

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Susan S. said...

Thanks for recommending Tony. His company really captured the event like no other company has done for me in the past. He also helped create an amazing presentation photo video for my Son's Bar Mitzvah. Creativity, Affordability and Service...Tony gave us all 3. He is truly surrounded by like minded artist as yourself!