Saturday, August 12, 2006

Antwaun Stanley "In The House!"

Last Tuesday we went over to Straight Gate Church in Detroit to photograph a CD release party for Antwaun Stanley.

Antwaun is a young gospel singer from Flint who has the combination of a velvet voice and a look that will put him at the top of the charts!

We got a really nice series of photos of Antwaun singing, signing autographs and hanging with friends, family and his producers. Here's great one of Antwaun and 2/3's of his production team PAJAM,which consists of Paul "PDA" Allen, Walter Kearney and J. Moss (who was unable to attend). The other fellas in the photo are the members of A PAJAM group,"21:03".

Antwaun is signed with Bajada Label.

Please support Antwaun by visiting his website and buying his CD. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Here's the Slide Show from the release party.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Makes me wish I'd been there. Bishop Merritt looks great -- oh and so does Antwaun!

This blog is a cool idea. Nice way to showcase your fantastic skills.

David M Deutsch Photography said...

aaahhhh.... thanks!