Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nickey and Andrew

When you live in Michigan, one of things to look forward to is the changing of seasons and the beautiful colors that October brings.

This year was no exception. October has come and nearly gone and we've seen almost all four seasons in a four week period. We've experienced beautiful days filled with sunshine and we have also had a few days of freezing rain and snow.

This crazy weather has put a bit of a damper on our outdoor portrait sessions that were scheduled this month... to say the least!

A week ago Saturday, the day started with grey clouds, cold temperatures and even rain.

We almost had to postpone Nickey and Andrew's engagement portrait...The weather just was NOT cooperating.

We decided to drive to Cranbrook anyway and hope for the best.

WOW! Am I glad that we did. By the time we met Nickey and Andrew, it had stopped raining and the sun even came out! It was a tiny bit chilly outside, but besides that, the weather was amazing for their session.

I've posted their slideshow on our website, or just click on the thumbnail below to view the show.

Congratulations Andrew & Nickey!

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