Friday, November 10, 2006

Lisa and Mark Got Married

Last Saturday we had a great time photographing Lisa and Mark at Temple Shir Shalom.

The weather outside was a little chilly (it is November in Michigan!) but inside, the decor was warm and inviting, partially due to the beautiful arangements provided by Bruce at Breath of Spring Florist .

We've had so much fun photographing these guys! When your clients become your friends, it's very natural to have fun at the wedding and get great expressions in the photographs. Mark and Lisa were no different. We knew the day we met them that we wanted to be their photographer simply based on the way we hit it off at our first meeting.

Needless to say, our new bride and groom, both families and wedding party were a delight to work with.... and it's so nice to witness two people that are truly in love begin a new life together. Mark and Lisa truly are in love and you can tell just by being around them.

Mark is the Managing Partner for The Matt Prentice Groups "Deli Unique" in West Bloomfield and Lisa is a CPA.

We can't wait until they return from their honeymoon so they can see their wedding images and we can hear all about their trip!

Hey! who is that guy crouching in the corner, capturing ceremony photo's??? :)


Anonymous said...

HI Dave & Tammy
We just got back from Aruba and are so excited to see your posting on the site. The photos are great and we will be in to pick up previews as soon as you open
Mr. & Mrs. Sherman

David M Deutsch Photography said...

Great! We can't wait for you guys t see the rest of them.

Hope you had a great honeymoon.

See you soon :)