Saturday, August 15, 2009

Michael Coyle - Cranbrook

I love watching families that we have been photographing forever, grow up.
Michael is another one those people we've been photographing since he was a baby.

We decided to create his senior portraits at Governor's Mansion in Farmington Hills. The same place we created His sister Julia's portraits last year.

What a great day for photography! Mid 70's low humidity; is this Michigan??

Anyway I love the way we're were able to use the architecture and manipulate the lighting for some really cool images for Michael!
...Should this guy be modeling, or what?


radink9 said...

Nice Job Mr. Deutsch, posing a guy without making him look to feminine is sometimes difficult.... I guess that is why you are the master, you make it look easy!

David M Deutsch Photography said...

Thanks! I love my job. Check out some of my seminars @

or send me an email for upcoming educational opportunities.

Again, I appreciate your kind words.