Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Yes. I know it's a made up Hallmark holiday. That's OK. You can still take advantage of this made up holiday with some great savings!

I'm in the mood to give away some money!
Who doesn't like free money? Now, before you puff up your chest and say "nothing in life is free, there's gotta be a catch", I'm going to tell you this...

You're right! You have to work for this one.

Here's the great part though. It's easy.

Simply refer a friend for a portrait session or a wedding/mitzvah and you'll earn $75 cash for the portrait and $100 for the wedding.
You can take advantage of this offer yourself as well. Book a portrait session before February 28th and we will waive the session fee! (Valued up to $350).

Call today to learn more or to just chat. We miss your voice :)

Watch the video we made a couple of years ago. If you know someone in the video, comment below!

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