Saturday, February 01, 2014

Photoshop Actions Explained by yours truly

Photoshop Actions

Many photographers are buying Photoshop Actions from every Tom Dick and Harry on the speaking circuit, or now a days it’s more like every Jen, Suzie and Molly who have recorded Photoshop Actions to make an average picture into something that could have been awesome if only it were captured correctly in the first place.

I use Photoshop Actions every day in my workflow.

I have recorded steps that I repeatedly perform that save me time and in the long run, money.
If you could cut out 10-20 mouse clicks every minute by running a Photoshop Action, how many clicks would that add up to at the end of an hour or 2… or 8?
I think we all agree that time is money and time wasted in Photoshop is time we could be spending with our clients or more importantly, Our family or as some friends would say, on our boats.

I’ve illustrated how I record my Photoshop Actionsby demonstrating my skin softening action.

Watch the Photoshop Actions video on YouTube
Take a look and let me know your feelings.
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