Sunday, February 02, 2014

The M-Commerce Boom. What is it?

M-Commerce or mobile commerce is the shift away from E-Commerce (desktops, laptops, etc.) and the movement toward all commerce being done on a smart phone or mobile device.
According to Sozo Design Ltd, over the next 5 years sales on mobile devices are going to increase by over 400%. In the US alone, mobile sales are forecast to reach $31 billion. So soon, predictions are that some50% of all mobile browsing will be done on a mobile device, which is a massive game changer for e-commerce.
What does that mean to the 25 million small businesses that make up Main Street America? If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a strategy.

M-Commerce for Small Business.

So what do the Mom and Pop shops that are the backbone of our economy do to compete and to get their brand in front of their target market and claim their piece of the M-Commerce pie? They could have a Mobile app designed for their business, but that could cost  $50,000 or more. Who wants to invest that much?

M-Commerce for less

Given the above numbers, learning how to capitalize on this movement so early in the game translates to a huge business opportunity for those who recognize it.
Allow me to send you a video that explains the concept and how you can position yourself in front of this new wave of M-Commerce that is wildly successful in Europe and just being launched in America.
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